Volkswagen MK5 – Why is it Considered to Be One of the Best Cars Ever?

In 2003 October, during the Motor show of Frankfurt, Volkswagen revealed to the public their latest edition of Golf, the Volkswagen Golf MK5. This happens to be the fifth generation of the car from the Golf makers. It is wonderful to note that this car too, similar to their ancestors, is built upon the most popular Group A5 platform Volkswagen themselves. This platform is also known as the PQ35. It took 3 more years for this new car to reach the lands of North America (as usual), and in 2006, America received this car, but in the nameplate of ‘Rabbit’. We all know that Volkswagen releases Golf cars as Rabbit in America. During that time, Volkswagen Rabbit happened to be one of the most affordable and the best in the value for money category, in America.

Lets Talk About The Design

The major success and noise that surrounds the MK5 version of the Volkswagen Golf car can be attributed mainly to the engineering team of Volkswagen. These were the people who designed the ground breaking rear suspension system which is unique in its own ways, and does not depend on the control blades. This is one sole reason which makes this version of Golf dominate the road, and it happens to have the best road manner compared to its previous versions. But at the same time, Volkswagen seems to have cut down their interest on the interiors side. It seems that the total interior space in this version of Volkswagen is less by three cubic feet compared to the previous versions. This has been done to increase the on road performance and also to make sure that the price is in a competitive range against the price tags of the Audi cars, which are a direct competition for the Volkswagen cars. Thus if you decide on buying a used volkswagen golf, then probably the MK5 would be a good choice.

Engine Matters

Great thing about the Volkswagen Group is the fact that they ship the cars to specific countries with the engine and transmission that is totally acceptable by that countries standards. Although this is a very common thing for all the car manufacturers, point to note is that, Volkswagen excels at it. With regard to MK5 version of the Golf, Volkswagen generally manufactures cars with the petrol engine having 4 cylinders. It also has a version of car that possesses diesel engine which has turbo charged direct fuel injection, otherwise known as TDI. Talking about the transmission side, Volkswagen provides Manual, Automatic and also the direct shift gearbox making sure that it meets all the needs of all the type of customers. Thus if you are planning on buying a used car volkswagen golf, then a good choice would be to look for the MK5 version.

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