10 Most Common iPod Repairs

The greatest advantage and disadvantage of an iPod is its small shape. For such a small gadget, the iPod holds can hold thousands of mp3 files. With its portability, the increase of mishaps is sure to happen. From common scratches to hard drive problems, an iPod’s biggest selling point can also be its greatest drawback.

Detailed below are the most common repair issues:

1. Getting Dropped: It’s as easy as giving it to someone to look at or even slipping out of your pocket. Dropping an iPod can happen anytime. This can result in minor aesthetic issues that can be ignored or to greater hard drive issues that have to be sent to a specialist for repair.

2. Getting Scratched: Scratching an iPod is as easy as scratching a cell phone. With its increased daily use, the iPod is not just used on occasion, but is a regular accessory.

3. Falling in Water: How many times have you dropped your cell in phone in water? Nowadays, dropping an iPod in water can happen just as easy.

4. Exposure to Extreme Weather Conditions: Depending on where you live, weather conditions can affect your iPod. From the large amount of rain in Seattle to the snowy weather in the NorthEast, or even the blazing sun in the South, any harsh weather condition can affect your iPod and can cause needed repairs.

5. Dirt: With regular use, dirt can accumulate in the iPod. Cleaning is needed in many cases.

6. Bending: Even though there is an increase in clothing designers catering to the iPod user by designing storage units in many jackets, shirts and pants, bending and cracking can happen. Many people keep their iPods in their back pockets and mishaps can happen when sitting.

7. Broken Screens: One of the leading repairs is LCD repair. Breaking or cracking of the screen can happen in so many ways, accidentally or even with just normal use.

8. Hard Drives: The most costly repair is the hard drive. For whatever reason, these gadgets can stop working like normal. A hard drive upgrade or replacement may be needed.

9. Headphone Sockets: With continual use, the headphone socket may become loose or even broken. Repair is needed since it is the source for listening.

10. Battery: With time, the battery life may become too short or even have battery malfunctions. A battery upgrade may be needed.

These are just some of the problems you may face with an iPod. With care and forward thinking, many of these can be limited. To lessen iPod repair issues, be sure to use a protective case and use care and caution.

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