Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Supertruck: Built to Survive the Apocalypse

(alt-text: Rezvani Motors 6×6 Supertruck’s features are designed to survive an apocalypse.)

When Rezvani announced their Hercules 6×6 Supertruck as a new addition to their lineup, they realized early on that the only way to stand out would be to make a never-before-seen vehicle available to civilians. Already known for its industry-leading creative options, having a truck would allow people to go places off-road they never thought possible.

To put it simply, the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 is built to survive the apocalypse. While that might seem like hyperbole or merely a selling tactic at first glance, the company has added so many features to the military edition in particular that there’s nothing quite like it on the market today.

Breaking Down the Hercules 6×6 Supertruck

The Hercules 6×6 Supertruck has two main versions: the standard and a military edition. Both have a build meant to withstand just about anything, but the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Military Edition comes with extra bells and whistles that can’t be matched by any other company today.

An Engine Built for a Supertruck

The most powerful engine a person can have on the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 is a 7.0 L, 1300 hp supercharged V8. A few other options, like the Rezvani Hercules smoke screen, give people the power to go where they want to be protected. 

A powerful engine is going to make a truck truly special. The Rezvani Hercules 6×6 test drive would show you that it can push the pace on different terrain easily. It’s a powerful heart that keeps drivers moving.

Built for Off-Road Adventures

The off-road packages from the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Military Edition provide a lot of little things that make a big difference. For example, there’s high ground clearance, off-road suspension from FOX, and military-grade run-flat tires.

The Ability to Survive For Days

The Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Military Edition still functions as it should, even with a flat tire. On top of that, there are several other precautions that Rezvani keeps in mind so that people are ready in case the worst happens during an adventure.

High-intensity LED lighting comes into play, especially at night. All it takes is a switch flip, and nighttime turns into day. The military edition even comes with lights that are so bright that they can distract any trackers in the way.

Each truck also comes equipped with a security survival kit that will allow people to stay strong if something terrible happens. There are military-grade gas masks for toxic air, hyperthermia kits if the temperature drops, and a standard first aid kit if people hurt themselves.

Electro Magnetic Pulse Protection

Ever thought about the odds of a nuclear explosion causing electronic devices to become inoperable? That might not be the number one thing on someone’s mind, but the Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Supertruck protects if that happens.

What happens is that the protection put in place will cause electromagnetic pulse weapons not to cause damage. If there’s a broad, ongoing attack, the Supertruck will still be able to function and operate as it should. 

With the rise of nuclear attacks and overall capabilities, having the protection that goes into place automatically provides excellent peace of mind.

Full Protection From Intruders

A few features explicitly designed to keep intruders out of the Supertruck keep the investment safe. Electrified door handles give a pretty shocking warning welcome to anyone trying to force their way in. It’s not something anyone wants to feel, so intruders learn their lesson the first time they feel the pain.

Magnetic deadbolts also work as they should to keep everything locked securely. The Supertruck stay safe whether a person is inside their vehicle or not.

Ultimate Armor Surrounding the Vehicle

The Rezvani Hercules 6×6 Supertruck has the latest ballistics armor all around the vehicle. Simply put, this Supertruck will not be phased by even a calculated attack solely against it. The Hercules 6×6 Supertruck is ready for the apocalypse, as there is extra focus on protecting the most crucial parts of the vehicle.

The radiator, fuel tank, and battery have Kevlar wrapped around them. As far as the underside is concerned, it’s protected against any explosions the truck might pass over. Explosives planted underground don’t have a chance to cause trouble with this Supertruck.

Not only does the vehicle stay safe, but everyone inside also stays safe. It could look like a complete disaster outside of the truck, but everything fully functions inside.

Could the Hercules 6×6 Supertruck Hold Up During an Apocalypse?

There isn’t a Supertruck on the market that does a better job of having bulletproof glass and body, seemingly endless security features, and multiple survival kits in case the worst happens. No one can predict what an actual apocalypse looks like, but Rezvani Motors has its customers ready for virtually anything.

In more practical terms, this is as dependable of a Supertruck as one can ask for. Being able to go anywhere and do anything with the six-wheel drive at the push of a button helps tremendously. Most people consider it a worthy upgrade to go with the military-grade edition, as the extra features make the truck so much different from everything else.

It’s never a bad thing to be ready for an apocalypse in case one does happen. Having a setup that becomes exceptionally envious of anyone else is a significant step in the right direction. 

While the truck remains on the pricey side, upgrading other trucks to this level would take more time and possibly cost more.

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