Why Using An Oil Mop Is Important For Used Motor Oil Leaks?

Oftentimes, spills of different kind may occur in your home or office and cause problems. The fastest way to deal with the problem is to use a mop, specially designed to absorb and clean up all unexpected spills. However, there are certain places of work, such as harbors, marinas and other facilities where hydrocarbons and oil should be absorbed fast, which is impossible with general mops. For that reason an oil mop is created to clean up your site the best possible way.

This especially useful tool contains absorbing pads that fit the mop’s size. This ensures that absorbents are not going to fall off after cleaning the spills. These pads can each absorb 25 times their own weight, when used for petroleum or oil products. This ensures that accidental spills will be cleaned up in a timely manner before any complications occur.

An oil mop is an innovative technology that allows people prevent any kind of waste and environmental problems. In addition, it is cost effective and practical solution that every oil worker should have easily accessible. This tool can be an invariable helper when considering manufacturing technologies and resources, local and environmental conditions and all kind of preventive measures.

Poured motor oil is a contaminant that can seriously pollute the groundwater, rivers and soil. It contains dangerous elements like Arsenic, zinc, copper, lead, chlorides, etc. Even the sealed containers of such oil may affect the environment. For this reason the process of recycling is performed for the used motor oils to reduce the threat of pollution.

Specialists warn that the used motor oil should not be placed with household trash, neither to dump it on the ground nor pour it into sewer drains or storm, as you put your health and environment safety at risk. In addition, people should know that mixing used oil with pesticides, gasoline, antifreeze and other substances may be very hazardous.

It is very important to prevent any metal-laden oil spill from getting into the underground streams, as it can seriously affect human health. Drinking water should be carefully kept from oil poured drains and ground disposal, as only one change of used oil is able to pollute hundreds of thousands gallons of drinking water, which amounts to the annual water supply for fifty people. For that reason using an oil mop is very important when it comes to any kind of used oil spill.

After taking a look at all dangerous and inappropriate ways for used motor oil disposal, you should learn how to dispose it the right way. Here are a few simple tips that all people need to follow:

Do not use storms or containers for used motor oil disposal, as the oil can leak out, nor pour it out down the drain or into the ground. Simply transfer the used oil into a sealable container and contact oil change station or gas station to find out if they take it for recycling. You can also research online for all places that accept used motor oil. Make use of an oil mop in case of a used motor oil leak to minimize the risks. Following these safe tips will guarantee health and environment risk prevention.

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