Ford luxury marque reveals radical SUV concept


Lincon has let the marketing team loose with a thesaurus to promote its new Star concept.

Ford’s luxury marque Lincon has pulled the covers of a new electric design concept, alongside some unapologetically-verbose marketing material.

Dubbed the Star, Lincon’s futuristic SUV is pitched as the “ultimate sanctuary” and a “reimagining [of] what a vehicle can be.”

Few technical details are provided, beyond confirmation of a four-wheel drive layout and a battery-based skateboard platform.

Instead, the prestige US marque has opted to spruik its “striking” lifestyle credentials, compatibility with the “romance of travel”, and “core tenets of beauty, human [and] gliding.”

An interior light display is said to generate “gentle, oceanic sounds, a fragrance of sea mist and the soft, warm glow of the sun with dynamic lighting throughout to replicate a stroll on the beach at sunrise.”

The six-seat cabin is clad in “3D-printed latticework,” while renders suggest the four rear occupants can face each other on rotating seats.

Infotainment comes via “a wing-shaped floating instrument panel, inspired by aircraft ailerons, emphasising horizontal balance and equilibrium.”

The ability to store luggage in “a front area no longer occupied by a gas engine” is also flagged as a revolutionary design feature, despite appearing in most modern electric cars and the 1938 Volkswagen Beetle.

A platform on the rear tailgate “transforms into a cozy, indulgent outdoor seat to bring the destination closer,” while “a symphonic orchestration with crisp, high-resolution animations on the displays creates an immersive digital sanctuary.”

Despite thin specifications for the concept, Lincon says it “hints at the brand’s design language for its future electric vehicles.”

“As [we enter] the next chapter in our transition to a zero-emissions future, the Lincoln Star Concept will lead the way for our portfolio of fully electric vehicles,” Lincoln President Joy Falotico said in a media statement.

“It is an excellent example of how we are redefining luxury for the next generation as we work to transform the vehicle into a third space – a true place of sanctuary – for our clients.”

Lincoln claims it is on track to launch four new electric vehicle before the end of 2026, however production designs are yet to be revealed.

The Lincon marque has never been sold in Australia, and there are currently no public plans to import cars for the local market.

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