Check Out The Incredible Repair Done On A Mouse Cheese 1970 Dodge Charger


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This Dodge Charger may see the road once again.

Classic muscle cars are known primarily within the automotive industry for two particular things that perfectly embodied the style of their era. The first is their incredible performance which can leave fans of the design jaw-dropped in awe of the car’s power. However, the second aspect is far less exciting as it tells how time can decay even the greatest of competitors. Of course, we’re talking about rust and rot, which is a significant issue for classic car fans and an increasing concern as time goes on. It may seem hopeless for these cars at times, but there are still dedicated mechanics willing to restore even the most unthinkably damaged vehicles.

This is incredibly well represented in this particular case in which Nick of Nick’s Garage underwent the tumultuous process of reclaiming life for a classic Charger. Covered in holes and rot alike, this Charger was a 1970 model, making it a fan favorite for Dodge enthusiasts. Previously, the vehicle had been abandoned and then repurchased by a new owner who saw potential in the old racer. From that point forward, Nick dedicated his total effort to rebuilding the vintage muscle car to insane proportions starting with the decayed body. After retrieving a tangled rat’s nest from the vehicle, it was time to fill in what the video’s thumbnail called “The Swiss Cheese Charger.”

Immediately we can see a massive hole on the underside of the car’s body, which would drop the driver through the floor if they tried to sit in it. Such vast amounts of damage required new metal welding over the old hot spots. Even still, many smaller areas of the vehicle were left in various states of disarray, which yielded greater attention to detail. He filled these areas with a special putty typically used for this type of automotive repair and has gained a reputation for its strength. Overall, this story shows us how truly dedicated Nick is to his work that he would take up such a lengthy project for his loyal clients. Perhaps the world needs more like him.

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