3 Reasons To Consider Upgrading Your Car


We are all human beings with different tastes, circumstances, and requirements, so we all vary in terms of the relationships we have with our cars – and the frequency with which we change our cars is likely to be a key indicator of that.

Take a moment to look over your own car history – are you the kind of person who tends to keep hold of a car until it’s literally ‘falling to bits’, or it is more typical for you to switch vehicles every year or two?

Interestingly, according to statistics reported on by Autocar a few years ago, it seems that the general trend in recent times has been towards more frequent car changing, with some manufacturers reporting average vehicle returns of 24 months. That’s a shorter period of time than many of us keep our mobile phones for!

But other people’s needs, preferences, and expectations when it comes to switching to a new vehicle are one thing, and yours are quite another. So, with no further ado, let’s take a look at just three reasons why you might conceivably choose to upgrade your car, or at least think about it.

The running costs of your existing vehicle are becoming too high

Vehicle Running Costs Too High

There’s a general pattern when it comes to running an older car; as the years go by, the vehicle potentially becomes less reliable, with key components wearing out, and replacement parts becoming harder to find. As a consequence, the servicing and repair costs for a vehicle can steadily climb.

It is at such a moment that you might start seriously considering whether a newer vehicle would be better for keeping your day-to-day, week-by-week, and month-by-month car running costs down. And the more time goes on, the likelier you are to be right about that.

In 2022, many drivers are increasingly looking to electric vehicles (EVs) to replace their current petrol or diesel car. And as this interesting analysis from Car magazine explains, the right choice of EV could potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of pounds a year.

But much will also depend on how you plan to use your car. So, you will need to do your own sums when it comes to factors like insurance and tax, to help determine the car upgrade choices that would best serve your requirements right now.

A newer car could also be a safer one

Safety is far from the most “glamorous” reason to upgrade a car – as far as getting excited about a new car purchase is concerned, that might be somewhat likelier if you are looking to buy a vehicle that offers improved performance or a more sophisticated onboard entertainment system.

Nonetheless, safety is something you will need to think about as a motorist. And as Which? explains, it isn’t just features that will help protect you once a crash has actually happened – such as airbags or a strong bodyshell – that you will need to keep a lookout for.

The above are examples of what are known as “passive” safety features – as opposed to “active” safety features, which are meant to intervene to help prevent an accident from occurring in the first place. Examples of the latter features in the latest cars on the market include the likes of electronic stability control (ESC), autonomous emergency braking (AEB), and lane-keeping technology.

A new vehicle is certainly likelier to incorporate at least some of the aforementioned, both active and passive safety features than an older one. Safety could therefore be a good reason to upgrade your car – although, of course, you will still need to carefully peruse the specification sheet of whatever model you’re considering.

The broad range of car finance options available

Of course, there are quite a number of ‘practical’ reasons to upgrade your car, but there’s another reason why you might be drawn to changing your car these days: simply because you can. You might have seen a certain vehicle that you fancy, and while you might theoretically be able to ‘get by’ for another year or two with your existing car, you might not wish to wait that long.

On that note, one thing that might be at least partly ‘driving’ the trend we mentioned above of more frequent car changes, is the sheer availability of car finance.

As our own car finance specialists in Essex here at Reynolds Motor Group know well, there are also various types of car finance that one might choose from, encompassing the likes of hire purchase (HP) and personal contract purchase (PCP) deals. This, in turn, could boost the chances of you finding a car finance deal that works well for you and your family’s needs.

There you have it – just three reasons to potentially give the upgrading of your vehicle some serious thought. And here at Reynolds Motor Group, if you do decide to switch to a new car in 2022 or any other time soon, we can be ready and waiting to advise and assist when you reach out to us.


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