1989 Mercedes-Benz 300 TE station wagon


The most-generated and arguably the most legendary Mercedes-Benz car or truck of all time was the W123 proto-E-Course, with nearly a few million made for the duration of its 1976-1986 manufacturing run and many illustrations attaining stunning odometer quantities. In a natural way, the W123 could be purchased in wagon variety, and these longroofs are worshiped by an adoring cult of Stuttgart aficionados. How could Daimler-Benz have followed that act? By constructing a sleeker, quieter, safer, and frequently far more sophisticated E-Class, of course: the W124. The very first Mercedes-Benz to get the formal E-Course designation (really a while right after its introduction for the 1985 model yr), the W124 stayed in creation right until 1997. The wagon variations stay a great deal-sought-right after a quarter-century afterwards and are therefore difficult to find in motor vehicle graveyards, but I managed to identify this applied-up example with just more than 225,000 miles in a San Francisco Bay Place property.

In 1989, Us citizens could obtain the W124 in sedan, coupe, and wagon variety, all with the 3.-liter straight-six motor. This car or truck had an MSRP of $48,210 (about $114,455 in 2022 bucks), or about three instances as a great deal as a new Oldsmobile Custom made Cruiser.

Mercedes-Benz customers somewhere else experienced plenty of engines to choose from in their ’89 W124 wagons (together with four-bangers and diesels), but People had just this: the M103 gasoline-fueled a few-liter and its respectable 177 horses.

Americans could get their W124s with 5-velocity manuals through the to start with few of design many years, but by 1989 the computerized was required gear below. I was really psyched when I observed a discarded W124 coupe with a few pedals a even though back, but it turned out to be a grey-market European import.

Automobiles in coastal California are inclined to rust from the top down, as the severe solar eats away at the paint and then the wet winters and foggy mornings hold places all-around trim attachment details damp. If the automobile parks near the ocean, some actual horror-display corrosion can just take put. I assume this motor vehicle used considerably of its lifetime parked relatively shut to the Pacific.

The interior in this one particular continue to looks great, if you forget about the injury induced by junkyard shoppers. My guess is that the system rust coupled with some pricey mechanical failure doomed it to this destiny.

You can still acquire a new E-Class wagon now, but the clock is ticking.


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