World’s 5 Best Auto Wreckers & Why They Lead The Industry

World’s 5 Best Auto Wreckers & Why They Lead The Industry

The car recycling business has been a booming industry for decades. Linked to the trend of new car sales, which increases year after year. It is naturally expected that the auto wrecking industry will also continue to rise in the coming years ahead.

So with so many auto wreckers out there and more companies opening up all the time, how do you identify good from not-so-good ones? Essentially who are the best auto wreckers near your location, and why should you pick them over others?

In this article, I’ll discuss about the 5 best wreckers from around the world and why they lead the industry.

The 5 Best Auto Wreckers in the World

1. ASM Auto Recycling

When it comes to scale and efficiency, ASM Auto Recycling is second to none.

With over 35 years of industry experience, they have grown to become one of the largest and most modern car recycling companies in the world and are setting themselves up to be the gold standard of the industry.

ASM Auto Recycling Logo
ASM Auto Recycling Logo

Every year they process around 30,000 vehicles, sell around 2,500 vehicles for auction, and dismantle thousands of vehicles for parts. Many 3rd party purchases different items such as Automobile glass replacements companies pick auto glasses and use them further.

They have a well-trained staff, a full-time customer service centre, and a 12-bay vehicle dismantling and de-pollution workshop where they pick salvageable parts, clean them, test them for quality and resell them all over the country and the world.

Based in England in the United Kingdom, they perform car removal services in Totternhoe, Aylesbury, Thame, and Kings Langley. They’re also well-equipped and come with modern equipment to tow non-working vehicles, whatever the size.

  • Auction Vehicles Types: Cars, Motorbikes, Commercial Vehicles, Plans
  • Address: 55 Station Road, Beaconsfield, HP9 1QL, England
  • Other Services: Car selling, Online Auction, Vehicle parts, Breaking Vehicles, Engines, Tyres

You can read ASM’s blog for more information on car scrap, etc.

2. ABCM Car Removal

ABCM Car Removal is known for being fast and reliable, which has helped earn them a solid reputation for excellent customer service. They focus their auto-wrecking business with the first part of the process – collecting vehicles.

ABCM Car Removal Logo
ABCM Car Removal Logo

Not only do they offer free pick-ups of vehicles in any condition, but they also pay top dollar with cash payments before they leave your property. ABCM’s car buying service is second to none, with same-day cash-for-cars service for every vehicle from low kms to completely wrecked.

Next, all their collected vehicles are professionally dismantled to recycle all scrap metal and hazardous liquids in an environmentally friendly manner.

ABCM operates around Newcastle, Central Coast and the East Coast of NSW, Australia. They also provide a large selection of genuine second-hand spare parts for sale, which can be sent country-wide.

ABCM not only offers excellent car removal services but is also praised for its availability of car parts and the fast turnaround time for those who are looking for certain parts. The helpfulness of their staff and their knowledge of car parts were also highly appreciated.

  • Other Services: Free vehicle removal, Cash for cars & Cash for trucks
  • Address: 18 Sandpiper Close, Kooragang NSW 2304

3. City Auto Wreckers

Since 1981, City Auto Wreckers has been in the industry of recycling cars and selling used parts. They have a fleet of speciality towing vehicles that can handle any size of vehicles, from small sedans to large trucks.

City Auto Wreckers Logo
City Wreckers Logo

City auto wreckers also have great customer support. They buy cars in any condition of all makes and models, even flooded vehicles.

If you’re looking for car parts, City Auto Wreckers have a wide selection of car parts for various makes, from the popular Ford and Toyota to luxury vehicles like Lexus and Porsche to classics like the Oldsmobile.

Customers speak highly of the owner and manager of the company. They appreciate the extra effort the owner and staff put into handling requests and answering questions, leaving them with many positive reviews.

The brand operates within Chicago, Naperville, Downers Grove, Illinois, and surrounding areas but also ships parts to different locations.

  • Other Services: Junkcars, Cut sheets, etc.
  • Address: 690 MCCLURE RD. AURORA IL 60502

4. All American Auto Wreckers

All American Auto Wreckers have been in the car recycling industry since 1986, a true testament to their solid reputation and vast knowledge of cars.

Thus, when you come to them looking for a specific car part, they already know what part fits your vehicle and its performance. As of the time of writing, they have 53,000 car parts available for purchase.

All American Auto Wreckers Logo
All American Wreckers Logo

Their website also allows you to search their inventory based on the year, make, or model of your vehicle, making it easy to look for the car parts you need.

Selling wrecked or damaged cars to All American Auto Wreckers is also a seamless experience. They offer free pickups within a 25-mile radius, pay cash and offer very fair rates.

All you have to do is submit a form on their website with the year, make, model, and other details about its condition, and they will give you a quick quotation. They serve in Long Island and Tri-State, but they also supply car parts overseas.

  • Other Services: Car selling & Cut Sheets
  • Address: 1383 Montauk Highway, E. Patchogue, NY 11772
  • Email Id: [email protected]

5. Standard Auto Wreckers

Standard Auto Wreckers has been serving the Greater Toronto area for over 40 years. With that amount of experience, their knowledge and commitment to the service of the car recycling industry is unquestioned.

Standard Auto Wreckers Logo
Standard Wreckers Logo

Standard Auto Wreckers are known to provide a seamless experience for their car removal services. They are known for their quick turnaround time and the quick removal of cars regardless of their condition. They are also known to pay top dollar for cars instantly.

They sell high-quality second-hand car parts off the shelves, but they also allow you to salvage your own parts in their UPIC section yard in Toronto.

One of the unique events that Standard Auto Wreckers host is the monthly free parts day, where for a $65 admission fee, you get to dismantle and take all the car parts you can from their salvage yard with over 1000 vehicles.

With their fully computerized system and well-trained sales team, Standard Auto Wreckers can find and locate any car parts in seconds, making them a convenient choice for those who are looking for rare and specific parts.

Other Services: NA

Address: Toronto Location, 1216 Sewells Road, Toronto, Ontario M1X1S1

Why They Lead the Industry?

1. Providing Seamless Experience

All auto wreckers make money the same way—salvage wrecked cars. But what separates a good auto wrecker from the rest of the pack is the quality of service they provide and how seamless the customer’s experience is.

Leading brand are easy to reach and are accommodating toward their customers. When buying a specific car part, they will often go out of the way to help you look for a part.

Quality-focused brands provide a seamless experience for buying used vehicles too. When you’ve agreed on a price, good companies come to your location and handle everything free of charge.

2. Well Equipped

Some auto wreckers wrecking companies have tools only for small to medium-sized vehicles but still insist on taking heavy-duty trucks that are non-operable. This poses a risk not only for the servicemen but also to the people around them.

A good brand has the complete tools and equipment needed to perform its service safely and efficiently. They have a variety of special towing trucks and have a well-equipped crew doing the service.

3. Paying Top Dollar for Cars

Some auto wreckers try to make the most of every transaction while taking advantage of their customer’s lack of knowledge.

Whereas, a good auto junkyard company evaluates the value of vehicles honestly based on their make, model, and condition. Hence, they pay top dollar for your vehicle and are willing to help you out whenever you try to negotiate.

4. Good Reputation

Reputation is the driving force of every business. Hence, a good car wrecking service has a good standing reputation with all its customers.

One way to check their reputation is by searching their company reviews. Another indicator is the number of years they are in business.

5. Availability of Car Parts

Good wreckers have a wide selection of car parts for any type of vehicle. Hence, when you come to a good auto wrecker, they often have the car part you are looking for. But the best wrecker brands will go out of their way to find you the car part you need.

6. Quality of Car Parts

Another quality of a good wrecker is the quality of its spare parts. Good wreckers make it a point to inspect the car parts they sell and ensure the quality and safety of those parts.

7. Pay Cash for Cars

Another quality is paying cash for your vehicle on the spot. Some auto wrecker brands delay payment or try to convince you to accept other payment methods.

Good brands understand that those who sell their vehicles to wreckers want fash cash. Hence, they will pay you cash before they even take your vehicle.

Some Auto Wreckers Facts

  • Automobiles (cars, bikes, trucks, etc) are among the most recycled consumer products in the world. It nearly shares 100% in recycling.
  • Parts such as batteries, engines and transmissions are removed from vehicles to be resold.
  • In the US, nearly 12 million cars are recycled annually, whereas in Europe, nearly 8 million.
  • Car tire recycling is used to produce footwear and roadways.
  • The world’s automotive recycling industry is about 75 years old.

Final Thoughts

These companies are by no means the only good auto wreckers in the world. However, based on my criteria and general experience I found ASM Auto Recycling & ABCM Car Removal the most reliable brands among the list of auto-wrecking brands.

If you are not located near one of these auto wreckers, use the criteria listed above to ensure your chosen wrecker will provide you with the best service and value.

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