When The Bronco Raptor Is STILL Too Lame For Your Taste, Then THIS Is For YOU!


Apocalypse Producing, the business known for developing modern 6-wheel-generate trucks to combat all on/off-road scenarios, have debuted their “Dark Horse,” the world’s initially and only Ford Bronco 6×6. This masterfully established 400 horsepower, six-wheel-generate tremendous truck is construct range 1 and established to operate at premier car-auctioneer Barrett-Jackson’s Palm Beach front extravaganza, on Saturday, April 9th in a primary-time bidding slot. These interested in obtaining the Holy Grail of conversions can wait around for up coming month’s auction to begin or get in touch with Apocalypse Production and secure their have Dim Horse build setting up today.

The Dim Horse starts off lifetime as a 4-doorway, 4-wheel 4×4 Ford Bronco, that will come with a factory turbocharged V-6 engine. To increase the truck’s seem and function, Apocalypse Manufacturing tunes that motor to create a trampling 400 horsepower, via the use of application tuning, bigger injectors and a entire exhaust upgrade, thus offering it a distinctive snarl. But of course, the real magic in this off-highway Clydesdale is not only its beefed-up appearance, but the patented center tandem axle, produced in household by Apocalypse Producing, that provides power to all 6-wheels.

What commences as an SUV that steps 189” in duration will close up a pickup truck that steps 225” bumper to bumper. As the typical Ford Bronco enters the warehouse, its back is immediately slice off ahead of its overall body is prolonged through the use of metal and fiberglass to generate a 5-foot-long, entirely purposeful, bed. The Bronco’s convertible roof is discarded in favor of a custom made-created elongated fiberglass, hardtop, slant again, that can be very easily eliminated and extra again as much the proprietor wants.

The Dim Horse and other Apocalypse Production 6×6 products, like the Doomsday, HellFire and Sinister 6, have some similarities in their rear-close drivetrain and some evident differences when it will come to each truck’s front finish. All models function a custom made tandem, handmade, center-axle that adds powers all wheels. The Darkish Horse’s again finish, which characteristics its four rear tires, is fully different from the aforementioned models, owing to its coilover suspension. For case in point, the Doomsday 6×6 which is developed off a Jeep Wrangler chassis functions individual springs and shocks on the rear, even though the Dim Horse’s coilover supports each and every person wheel providing a stiffer, far more comfy driving practical experience. Finally, the Darkish Horse can be used as a fulltime six-wheel travel motor vehicle when vehicle method is activated. The truck’s inside personal computer determines when to have interaction the front axle when needed, as the rear four tires are often staying run.



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