What is Text to Speech For GPS?

Text to speech for GPS is surely a term you’ve heard, if you’re currently in the market for a vehicle GPS device. One problem with the GPS marketplace is there is so much to know about GPS devices, text to speech, Bluetooth, multi-point routing, real time traffic, for instance. These aren’t things you normally think about, if you’re not buying a vehicle GPS. But, if you’re going to buy the right model, and not spend more money than you need to, you actually should thoroughly understand the marketplace and all the features you can get.

The basic feature that comes with these devices nowadays is text to speech for GPS. Text to speech means your GPS will tell you the names of the streets you’re to turn on. So it would say something like, “Turn right on Elm Street,” instead of just “Turn right.”

Believe me, text to speech for GPS is a great feature to have, especially if you’re driving in unfamiliar territory. (Where else would you use a GPS?) But here’s the deal. Text to speech for GPS comes on virtually every GPS made, nowadays.

Garmin’s nuvi series, for instance, only has two GPS devices that don’t have text to speech. Virtually all Magellan’s have text to speech for GPS. Ditto for TomTom.

So, what does this mean for you the GPS consumer?

What this means is this. Prices have come down, and you can now easily afford features like multi-point routing, Bluetooth, and real time traffic.

Garmin’s newer model, the 1690, has everything from pedestrian maps to public transit information. And, it’s not going to cost you an arms and a leg to buy, either. Two years ago, this much GPS computing power would have cost $800 or $900. But no longer.

You can buy a device with text to speech GPS for around $100, and it doesn’t have to be a low-end knock off from China or somewhere. You can get a Garmin or TomTom for this price.

So, text to speech for GPS is definitely within your reach!

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