Web Directories – Free or Paid Submission?

When I began marketing my site urlsdirectory, I always wondered should I take a listing in paid or free directory. I chose the free ones, because my financial strength is not that good, where I can go for paid directories for getting back links.

If you have financial constraints then go for the free directories. It will take a long getting a good backlink, but then you don’t have spend any penny in promoting your site. There are certain condition to look for when you are submitting in free directories.

  • Submit only in SEO Friendly Web Directories.
  • The link must not have no follow tag.
  • The number of listing per page should not be more than 30.
  • The directory should be human edited, no auto approval directories.
  • Go for niche directory that meets your sites requirement

There are many sites which provide a lot of information about free directories, where you will get a comprehensive list of directories. For Example.

v7n.com, info.vilesilencer.com/,

These sites are updated on a regular basis for new directories. Directorycritic list is updated on a daily basis.

Even PR 6 directories offer free listing for limited period, do check the directories regularly. Don’t use auto submission software for submitting in directories, because every directory has its own terms and conditions.

But there are some drawback in free directories like :

  • Approval times is quite long, sometimes 2 – 3 months
  • May be the free directories is not well promoted
  • Paid directories has some extra features, which free directories don’t have extra features

If you financial condition is good you can go for paid directory submission, because it provide fast approval time and rich features and very fast backlinking.

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