The Best Police Body Armor – Know What Is Under Your Uniform

Finding the best police body armor in the market can be both confusing and difficult at the same time. Of course there is no denying that a number of manufacturers advertise their piece of ballistic vest as the best or the ultimate bullet resistant armor among the rest of the competition. Protection in the first place is the name of their game and that is also what we want – the ultimate protection from bullets to save lives and of our own.

Police officers, soldiers, personal bodyguards, VIP personnel – the list may stop here or go for a mile ahead, but these are some of the most common profession who needs to have the benefit of ballistic armor. Police officers are, first and foremost, one of the most visible and if not, one of those who are very much obliged to don bullet proof vest. They may not be in under heavy fire like soldiers in the battlefield, but they still carry with them the risk of losing their life under duty. The best police body armor is not the strongest nor the heaviest – soft body armors are light enough to be worn easily and can be concealed under an officers’ uniform and can steadily prevent outright protection against direct bullet hits.

The best police body armor can be summed up into two words: Life Preserver. As an obvious fact, bullet resistant vest, whether soft, hard or rigid can save the life of its user and the life of someone being rescued or being protected. Thus, resistant vests are like guardian angels in the midst of unwanted danger. Police officers can sometimes be faced in a situation wherein they need to get their guns off their holsters to protect the innocent and serve the law. Bullet proof vests are mandatory but there are some who finds it uneasy to don ballistic resistant vest. Therefore, there is a great need for our police officers to be educated and well-informed about these “Life Preservers”.

Bullet resistant armor should not be linked to being “bulletproof” due to the fact that nothing can be bulletproof. Body armors are “bullet resistant” vests that are made of extremely strong fibers that are woven, non-woven or a combination of the two. It stops the penetration by turning the bullet and dispersing the energy to the rest of the vests’ panel. The term “resistant” offers the notion that not all bullets are dodged. Slower, heavier and those with blunt tipped bullets are easily stopped while high velocity and hardened tipped bullets, usually those of rifles can easily penetrate the fibers and through the vest.

Police officers are our first line of defense when it comes to danger and other unwanted predicaments. Like everyone else serving an oath to protect the community, they also put their own lives at stake to save others. For them to have a suitable body armor inside their uniform is probably the best option for them to uphold their duties in a more preserved and safeguarded fashion.

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