TESTED: 2022 Polestar 2 Redeems Itself, Beats EPA-Estimated Range


Above the class of two full days of driving at an regular temperature of 61 and 62 levels, equally Polestar 2s managed to travel practically the exact identical length. The one-motor automobile went 289 miles, beating its EPA estimate by 19 miles or 7.%, while the twin-motor motor vehicle fully shocked with an additional 39 miles for a 288-mile full, beating the EPA range by 15.7%.

Indeed, you browse that ideal — the twin-motor car extracted no range penalty in our testing despite earning a whopping 177 supplemental horsepower. Yeehaw!

So how significantly did people miles value?

Although the total selection of a auto proceeds to dominate the EV discussion, strength use is an critical element as very well. Vitality intake is what determines how considerably your miles will value you. The device of measurement for usage, the kilowatt-hour, can be thought of as the EV equal of a gallon of gasoline. Just like gasoline, the rate of electrical power may differ depending on where by you reside. For example, you are going to pay back about 10 cents per kWh in North Dakota as of this crafting, whereas in Hawaii it’ll run you about 38 cents.

So, what can Polestar entrepreneurs be expecting to pay out at “the pump”? Just after charging their battery packs back again to entire, we calculated an Edmunds consumption charge of 30.1 kWh/100 miles for the solitary-motor Polestar and, oddly, a a little bit a lot more economical 29.3 kWh/100 miles for the dual-motor Polestar. When compared to their EPA consumption estimates, the single-motor was 2.9% a lot more effective than its EPA number of 31 kWh/100 miles, although the twin-motor was a whopping 22.9% a lot more economical than its estimate of 38 kWh/100 miles.

Comparing both equally vehicles in the states in which energy is at the moment the most and least pricey on normal, this is how much we would’ve compensated for a 280-mile excursion.

Price tag to go 280 miles in Hawaii
Single-motor Polestar 2: $32.02
Dual-motor Polestar 2: $31.18

Price tag to go 280 miles in North Dakota
One-motor Polestar 2: $8.43
Dual-motor Polestar: $8.20

With the use figures becoming so shut to just about every other, it appears that on any presented working day in the very same condition, one particular Polestar could be marginally extra high-priced to demand than the other. The variation amongst charging in diverse states is considerably far more exciting. 

What if we examine the Polestars to their most economical competitors, the Tesla Model 3 and Design 3 Performance?

Price to go 280 miles in Hawaii
Tesla Design 3 RWD: $26.60
Tesla Model 3 Performance AWD: $31.92

Value to go 280 miles in North Dakota
Tesla Model 3 RWD: $7.00
Tesla Product 3 Effectiveness AWD: $8.40

The base Design 3 is productive sufficient to make a modest variance in the most high-priced condition, but seriously only if you might be accomplishing quite a little bit of driving. If we presume 10,000 miles of driving a yr, which is unlikely on an island, that amounts to just a couple hundred pounds a year when compared to the other three options here.


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