Police Car Auction – What to Know and Do Before Joining Auto Auctions

Many car aficionados are excited to attend a San Gabriel police car auction due to the variety of vehicles it showcases. If you are aiming to find rare auto models, then a police car auction is a good venue for your search. Here, classic sedans that go way back 1970, or even recent sports cars models, are available for purchase.

You can check with the Nationwide Auto Sales since LAPD contracts with them for car auctions. You can visit their office at 13005 E. Temple Avenue, City of Industry, CA 91746. They auction the cars during the first and third Saturday of the month.

You might wonder where these vehicles being sold come from. Most of these are service vehicles that are no longer in use. Others are those that are seized by police personnel during their operations. A public or government auto auction is then being held to offer these vehicles to the highest bidder. It must be noted too that people who go to auctions expect to buy automobiles at a lesser cost. This is why many auto enthusiasts troop to public auctions.

Another reminder for prospective participants is that not all vehicles found there are in running condition. Thus, it is important that you are equipped when you go to a San Gabriel police car auction. Remember that there are certain details you need to know and do before joining any San Gabriel auto auction. Here are some of those:

1. The first detail you should take note is the event date. Call up the enforcement unit if you see the announcement of an impending event. Try the LAPD if you do not mind traveling further. This is very important and understandable. In addition, you should know the exact location of the police auto auction’s venue. Likewise, take note of the time when the bidding is scheduled to start. It makes sense to go there first, as you would get the chance to view all the vehicles for sale. Normally, a San Gabriel police car auction will be held on a particular weekday, so be sure to apply for leave from your office.

2. Research is an important thing to do before the auction. When you go to a San Gabriel police car auction, be sure to have in mind what kind of automobile model you wish to purchase. Thus, doing research, especially on the specifications of the vehicle, will save you time. This idea would also be a factor in determining a reasonable bid for your chosen vehicle. A trip down to the official garages will be useful.

3. Money is the third important thing to be careful about in these events. Before going to the actual auto auction, you need to identify a budget. Just a warning, though, for when you win the bid, you are expected to pay for the vehicle immediately on the same day. Do not ask me why the police office in San Gabriel has such a rule. Hence, never bid an amount that you cannot afford. As an alternative, you may bring your credit card or personal check. However, call the appointed auctioneer and inquire whether they accept these forms of payment.

4. Finally, keep in mind that in auto auctions like this, there is no warranty. When you decide to purchase a car through such an event, always remember no warranty is included. This also means that you cannot just simply return the automobile if it does not meet your standards. Hence, make a wise decision when you go to a San Gabriel police car auction.

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