Opus IVS in Ann Arbor Wins Approval for Diagnostic Devices in Collision Repair Shops


Driven Brands has approved Ann Arbor’s Opus IVS’s DriveSafe and ScanSafe diagnostic devices for use in its collision repair shops. // Courtesy of Opus IVS
Pushed Brands has authorized Ann Arbor’s Opus IVS’s DriveSafe and ScanSafe diagnostic products for use in its collision repair retailers. // Courtesy of Opus IVS

North Carolina-based Driven Brands, the premier automotive products and services corporation in North America, has authorised Ann Arbor’s Opus IVS and it is DriveSafe and ScanSafe diagnostic units for use in its franchised and corporation-owned collision fix outlets.

Opus IVS materials diagnostic scanning, ADAS calibration, programming, and on-demand remote skilled support providers to the automotive repair service marketplace.

Pushed Brands labored with Opus IVS to develop an economical workflow course of action for DriveSafe, enabling outlets the possibility to make improvements to cycle time although doing OEM or aftermarket pre-, in-system and post-scans, flash programming and ADAS calibrations, all absolutely built-in with CCC Just one application and data.

“Opus IVS is proud to be selected as a co-most well-liked seller for Driven Makes, and we are searching forward to serving their collision repair service brand names,” suggests Brian Herron, president of OPUS IVS. “Our workforce has supplied OEM-endorsed alternatives to dealerships and impartial repairers for above a 10 years.

“We provide collision repair service services with the ability for aftermarket fast-scanning, OEM-endorsed scanning, programming and ADAS calibrations backed by reside diagnostic assistance to comprehensive a quality restore – all coupled with the means to conveniently document the final results.

“We are enthusiastic that Pushed Models chose to operate with Opus IVS to convey innovative answers to their collision repair models to assist the future of diagnosing, calibrating and programming superior cars.”

For DriveSafe, the Opus IVS crew has formulated a patent-pending determination tree and shop profile in just the new IVSWizard 2. Guided Workflow to recommend scan type based on the car or truck model 12 months, ADAS abilities, restraint deployments and store OEM certifications.

DriveSafe also options the patent pending IVSMAP, a databases of ADAS know-how and maintenance data. It makes the IVSMAP Scan Blueprint, which features an devices listing centered on model 12 months, feasible ADAS modules and Opus IVS complex recommendations. If ADAS equipment is present, IVSMAP makes the new ADAS Checklist to determine ADAS devices that could be on the car, calibration style, target demands and position (not accomplished/entire).

The person checks off that process calibrations have been done or orders them from Opus IVS. The submit-scan confirms that the ADAS Checklist is done. DriveSafe customers may perhaps entry IVSRAP for ADAS Calibration Checks and Distant Assisted Programming, including total module flash programming and all other electronic configurations.

“Our DriveSafe device is an ideal system for these collision restore facilities,” Herron suggests. “On top of our latest providing of a rapid Aftermarket scan, OE scanning and remote diagnostic and programming assistance, we included IVSWizard 2., IVSMAP and ADAS Checklist — and provide it all to collision retailers for use on a one display screen.”

Opus IVS is predicted to exceed 3 million collision scans in 2022.


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