Jay Leno gives an unrestored Auburn its time in the sun — Petersen Automotive Museum


Of program, the 8-98 A will not be a prewar trip that blows the hair back again of the greenback-eyed group like a head-turning Talbot-Lago could possibly, but these are intriguing price classics and well worth double-using for totally unique motives. It’s not each individual working day that an Auburn 8-98 A turns up, and so solidly aged right after sitting down for 90+ a long time in the rustbelt. But that’s particularly how Rex came across it.

Observed regionally in St. Paul, Minnesota, it appears a late incredibly hot-rodder and his pals shared a garage, and behind it, in a metal shed, this Auburn sat on jack stands. The good news is for the auto, other tasks took precedent and its limbs remained intact for all these years till Rex was capable to purchase it from the deceased man’s brother and give it a new everyday living.

Just after painstakingly rebuilding its primary carburetor, the inline-8 is earning 98 horses again and scooting all-around Burbank with ease.  The most exceptional aspect of Rex’s new journey is that it wears its story on its sleeve, unabashed. There is certainly a little something to be reported for the effectively-sorted autos out there that are however donning a roadmap of their history—as opposed to getting just a different new paint occupation with modern-day upgrades.

Rex is adamant he will in no way give it a makeover. Wiping absent what can make his 8-98 A so curious and persuasive to the masses is the final point he’ll at any time do.


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