how to get an Oklahoma CPS case dismissed – A complete overview

How to Get a CPS Case Dismissed: 5 Tips For Lawyers

In this article you will be familiar with How to get an Oklahoma CPS case dismissed? What varies from case to case and how much you’ll have to wait for your eligible good case?

If you feel that CPS is accusing wrongfully of your child abuse then here are some other ways to fight. In those cases, CPS cannot carry on its investigation whenever the family may give their assent.

The request of the parents are ignored willfully, this is why because to get second opinion to the doctor for pediatrician doctor. He was burned and beaten while in custody in a state of stimulative care. The most central is your right to an advisor to make sure you have a reservation. 

Fears of your minds

Generally we have a lot of fears in our minds, if you are also fighting with such stuff and case then fill your opportunity to attain a case dismissed at the arbitrate hearing. Sometimes the pediatrician makes lame excuses to beware of looking up in court to testify. 

This is the moment when you are leaving all your expectations in judges hands and waiting for the answer in Yes or No. if you are ready to move your dismissed file as your CPS case then call the office to discuss your circumstances. 

If the charge was dismissed in Oklahoma and the act of restrictions has expired then you could move hurriedly to have your case canceled. Securing parental civil rights in Oklahoma. Law recommends different situations depending on conditions that are in your crime case. 

A short history

Many years ago Isaac Lethbridge died on 16 August 2006 because of child protective services, this social worker held him from his parents and moved him to an unsafe foster environment. If you are trying to get back your child with regular movement to the court then you will lose. 

You have to beg the court to see your way. But unfortunately when a case is automatically dismissed then the judge will dismiss the case opposite to the wishes of the state. 

You can make your own court and demand for your child to get back within seventy two hours. You must have a range of rights in proceedings. In case of wrong addressing the reason for such frailty will usually allow the CPS case to shut quickly. 


Fear of a husband who beat worsley or may kill you and you have fear that you cannot get your child back. In this situation the judge may dismiss CPS case if you do not have and provide enough required evidence against the allegations. 

You thought that you were OK but this is embarrassing to pointing fingers at you from strangers and telling you that you were not doing OK. In this situation, CPS cannot continue the investigation until the consent is not given by your family. 


In the nutshell, the person was charges peaceable assault crime is not listed in section 571 with title 57 of Oklahoma Law, the charge was disclosed by following the victorious completion of a delayed judgement or sentence, the person was not have rap of felony or misdemeanor with zero felony or misdemeanor charges which are pending against to the person and tak minimum 10 years.