Here’s how much faster the 992 Turbo S is than every other 911 Turbo


Ranging from 300 to 650 horsepower, the 911 Turbo lineup has been in generation for a long time, and has progressed by the several years into a appropriate daily hypercar. Each subsequent era has launched extra know-how and far more ability in the pursuit of supreme pace. Fortunately for us Porsche fanatics, the correct-hand-push lovers about at CarWow managed to place with each other a 7-way drag race amongst every of the generations of 911 to give us all an idea of just how significantly a lot quicker these have gotten about the years.

In this race issues go about precisely as you may well think they would. In the back is a marginally modified 930, and a 964, equally early aircooled products with handbook gearboxes powering just the rear wheels. Traction and shifting signify people automobiles are in the end the slowest, with the 964 becoming just a little bit quicker of the two. The 993 and the 996 are amazingly closely matched for how diverse they are. The 993 is the very first of the Turbo cars and trucks to get all-wheel push, which will help launching off the line, but loses out on the guide transmission shifts to the comprehensive-throttle Tiptronic in the 996. The 997 and the 991 also managed to be amazingly shut, but the 991 naturally managed to suggestion the scales a bit. And the model new 992 just walked absent from everybody with the electricity advantage and the trick traction management, inch-fantastic PDK, and top grip.

Now, just for comparison sake, I’d like to see a drag race of all the non-911 Porsche Turbo types. 924, 944, 968, Cayenne, Panamera, Macan, and Taycan! It is pretty straightforward to inform which of these would gain, though. Visualize the time big difference concerning the 924 Turbo and the Taycan Turbo S. Just visualize it.


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