Grill Guards – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Grill guards seem like an innocuous enough purchase. After all, don’t they just shield a vehicle from debris and impact? Won’t any old one do as long as it provides a barrier? That reasoning is wrong. If you need guards on your vehicle, you likely already know what you are protecting your car or truck from; choose the l guards that promise to deliver. There are indeed good, bad and ugly guards out on the marketplace. Read about some of them below.

– The good grill guards – The best examples in this category are designed for your exact vehicle specifications. They offer a protective barrier that does not hamper your driving experience or add too much weight to the vehicle. These grill guards are often crafted specifically for a certain purpose. For example, if you know that you are going to be facing situations where nicks to the vehicle are a real possibility, guards to guard against them are available. Splatter guards protect your paint job from unwelcome debris, and edge guards take care of those pesky edges that seem all too vulnerable in the driving experience. Good guards match seamlessly with the car or truck’s aesthetic and do not give the car or truck a less favorable appearance. Simply put, good grill guards do what they are advertised to do.

– The bad guards – Bad guards do not fit your vehicle. They are either too large or too small. The guards that are too large add unneeded weight to the driving experience, which adds wind resistance and increases fuel needs as a result. Miles per gallon decrease in this situation, which is never a good scenario for the pocketbook. Guards that are too small will not fully protect the vehicle, making you wonder why you ever installed them at all. After all, what is the point of a grill guard if it does not protect your investment? Finally, a bad guard looks unsightly on your car or truck. It does not match or complement the paint job. Instead, it looks like an accessory that is not part of the original package.

– The ugly guards – These grill guards are not only the wrong size for the vehicle, but they are also installed incorrectly. They pose a safety threat for the driver, who may look down during a long highway trip to discover that his guard is flapping in the breeze. The worst grill guards disintegrate upon impact and are downright ugly. Ugly guards add nothing to the driver’s experience except negative connotations.

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