Futuristic Trends in Car Technology

Technology, for cars or for any other automated innovations, signifies a concept that is constantly changing, ever evolving. No two consecutive years ever see one single car technology trend doing the rounds in the automobile industry. There is always something new coming up in the form of an auto model. Be it a car, motorbike or any other vehicle, car enthusiasts always have something new to revel at. Recently, a lot of happenings in the car technology arena have kept the global auto industry abuzz. Following are some of the latest technology trends that are going to dominate the car industry for the foreseeable future.

– Thanks to the epidemic called iPhone, car makers are now rushing to replace analog dials and controls of their car models with superior touch-screen display boards. Every other hybrid vehicle or electric car unveiled these days are equipped with this technology feature.

– Cars and vehicles are now more intelligent than ever. Universal vehicle network that could range from the simple instant traffic advisories and collision alerts to the state-of-the-art digital chaining system, has finally come of age. Now, one can easily hit the highways without worrying a bit about the network conditions out there.

– Lithium battery technology is just waiting to take off. Once car makers from around the world starts using it in a full-fledged manner for building their cars, it will make a big impact.

– Use of Bioplastics is increasing. Accordingly, auto manufacturers are upgrading their car technologies to make proper use of this environment-friendly material.

– Research is going on to find out alternatives to corn-based ethanol and other household products to produce a much more affordable and smarter fuel to power the engines of tomorrow.

Other advancements in car technology include Global Positioning System or GPS technology empowered dual-screen navigation screens and in-dash Internet screens.

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