September 16, 2021


Nuts about Car

Finding OEM parts for my Harley Davidson

Get your motor running, head out on the highway. Looking for adventure and whatever comes our way. There is something about riding a Harley Davidson that makes you feel like Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider. The classic American made brand is strongly associated with feelings of adventure and freedom, and everyone who has ever had the pleasure to ride one knows why. It was of all these associations that made me dream of owning one of these legendary bikes. I felt like I was Born To Be Wild, and owning a Harley was a way to make that statement come true. So after saving for years, I turned my dream into reality. I am now the proud owner of a stiletto red Harley Davidson Road King. A very proud owner. I’m also very happy with the dealership where I bought my beauty. They have excellent service and help me out with everything. 

OEM Harley Davidson parts

Another thing where the dealership helps me with is finding parts. They partner with Double R Parts, a reliable company with a great love for Harley Davidson. Double R Parts offers quality and quick service for a very good price. Luckily, I haven’t had too many problems with my motorcycle yet, but the one I had was resolved within days. The dealership took a look at my motorcycle, ordered a part and two days later I was back on the road again. It feels great that I don’t have to worry about my Harley. I can ride it as much as I want without worrying about possible problems. 

Planning a roadtrip

I am currently planning a month-long trip to Budapest, following the Danube. I will make many stops and detours along the way. I am even planning to cross the Carpathian Mountains! I am going to bring my tent and camp for a couple of days, in the middle of nowhere. Just me, my tent and my stiletto red Harley Davidson Road King. And possibly some sheep. It is going to be amazing: it is everything my fourteen-year-old self dreamt about. I can push my motorcycle to the limits and ride it as it was meant to be: heading out on the highway, looking for adventure and whatever comes my way. And the best thing? I won’t have to worry about breaking any parts, because I know my dealership and Double R Parts will have my back.