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DeWalt XR Series Tools – Automotive Mechanic’s Choice

Among the long list of reliable power tool brands, DeWalt has the best reviews and
ratings by customers.

It’s not a surprise why the brand receives a lot of traffic every time DeWalt releases a
new line of tools.

Recently, they have released their XR series, which has got a lot of heads turning. Is it
worth the investment? Let’s find out!

DeWalt XR Series Tools

What Makes DeWalt XR Different?

XR stands for eXtreme Runtime, which also means extended runtime. Batteries with the
XR stamp mean they last longer compared to other versions. These have higher amp-
hour batteries and feature a bigger fuel tank as well. On the other hand, if the stamp is
on the tool, it indicates that it is brushless.


These XR models give you over 50% more runtime than other models with the same
battery power, making it a wise investment. You’ll find the brushless motors have more
power output while saving time and enhancing energy usage.

For example, you’ll find DCF895M2 3-speed XR and DCF895L2 look almost identical.
However, the XR DCF886 has more significant body changes, and it delivers an
additional 100-lb torque.

When it comes to looking at the performance of the XR series, you’ll see DeWalt has added some features to make the tool more efficient. These upgrades deliver more power output while enhancing energy use. As a result, it gives you a more cost-efficient solution. You may learn more about the different types of drills and their uses in this article to save time and increase your performance as a handyman.


As the name suggests, the XR models shine the brightest because of their power
capacity. The lithium-ion batteries of these series give you 33% more. In this case, we
found the 20v Max brushed motor with the least efficiency compared to the 20v Max
Brushless and 20v Max XR. The Max Brushless is more efficient, and it does not have
any brushes that wear out. However, the 20v Max XR is far superior. It’s an upgraded
version with higher battery efficiency.

XR Lithium-Ion Battery Range From DEWALT

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What makes XR batteries the best is that they remain the same. It isn’t bulkier than
other models, and it gives you more runtime.


Working with heavy tools isn’t ideal, especially if you’re working on various projects,
which is why DIYers are eyeing DeWalt’s XR series. Despite having a longer runtime,
similar to the batteries, the tools are compact and lightweight. The manufacturer was
able to achieve the design because of its brushless motors.

DeWalt 20v Max features a standard size because of its brushed motor. The XR is an
upgrade as it delivers enhanced components and brushless motors for a smaller build.
While the DeWalt 20v XR isn’t as compact as the Atomic, it does sit comfortably in
between, which gives you a price-friendly tool with high-capacity batteries.

LED Lighting

The XR series allows you to work in enclosed spaces with its built-in light feature. All of
the XR tools have LED lights with a twenty-second delay post-trigger release. It’s a
convenient little add-on by DeWalt that makes the job easier and more efficient for the
local handymen.

Is DeWalt XR Worth Investing?

Yes, it is! The XR line-up is currently one of the industry’s best for time efficiency,
power output, and overall performance.

It outclasses the previous generation of DeWalt tools and gives you your money’s
worth. It maximizes the battery power by 57% compared to other models.

All in all, it’s an excellent go-to option for both novice and experienced handypersons!

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