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Desi Online

There are so many different nationalities and heritage groups that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. It can be even more frustrating to find businesses of certain nationalities; for instance, a customer who emigrated from India may have trouble finding Indian restaurants and other businesses run by fellow Desi Indians. This can be ever more frustrating for those who speak only their native language and who are searching out Desi businesses for practical communication reasons as well as to connect with others from their region.

Fortunately, this is not a quiet problem. It is well known that many people prefer to deal with people of their own nationality or heritage. To that end, there have been a large number of companies cropping up to help people of the same nationality connect with each other. Because there are so many claiming this heritage, there has been a boom of Desi search engines and Desi classifieds to help facilitate both the location of and communication between Desi Indians.

A simple web search for the term “Desi businesses” returns almost five million hits; fortunately, many of these hits are of Desi business directories. Such online yellow pages include such engines as Desi11, North America’s Desi Business Directory, and Punjab In US. All of these Desi Search engines list every business category – food, clothing, hotels, attorneys, places of worship, etc. – and all of them are Desi-run businesses. This is great news for those who don’t speak English and for those who want to deal exclusively with native speakers.

But what about a resource for those who want to post ads and try to reach Desi Indians that way? Again, the technology of this day and age has risen to the occasion. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of websites out there where ads can be posted and responded to, most often, if not all the time, for free. And they’re all geared exclusively for Desi Indians. These Desi classifieds are the best place to post ads regarding new and used car sales, the sale of pretty much any type of item, the offering of services for a price, and the best place for exposure of housing offers and requests. Sales of airline, concert, and resort tickets are also a big part of the Desi classifieds. Of course, perhaps the best thing Desi classifieds have to offer Desi Indians is jobs. This is such a great marketplace for job hunters because Desi businesses looking for reliable help of the same heritage can post job offers and openings, confident that a Desi Indian will respond to the posting.

It can easily be argued that Desi classifieds have helped connect more Desi Indians than commonplace meetings. Likewise, Desi search engines have offered more exposure to a specified marketplace than general advertisements. The internet has increased the business of Desi businesses and Desi Indians in a way never seen before, and it’s definitely been for the better.

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