Busy People – Multiple Professions and Multi-Tasking


Many people, like me, must have noticed that people seem to be very busy indeed nowadays. They seem to; be a lot busier than even, say, 20 years ago. So much so that many that I know, for instance, don’t even have any time to talk to me or anyone else! When I reflect upon this, my thoughts ponder on the fact that I, and everybody I know, do a huge variety of different things, and often I think that it’s as though they have a number of occupations (though normally only being paid for one, of course) – a multitude of professions!

One Person – Many Professions

On a day to day basis we all do a number of different things, like cook, clean, look after our children, drive our car etc etc. And when looked at in a different way one can say that one person by him or herself has many professions, they are a cook, cleaner. child-minder, driver etc etc. All this on top of their normal paid profession, and so it’s small wonder they’re all so busy for one thing!

We are taught, conventionally and traditionally, that we benefit from doing all these tasks ourselves as much as possible, mainly because we can save some money that way. An obvious example might be that most of us are not rich enough to employ a chauffeur to drive our car.

But, in reality, I personally think that we’d all be better off if we let people who do these tasks as a profession, take care of such jobs more often.

Let the Professionals do more of our Tasks

For example, if married couples with small children were to use the services of child-minders more often, then they would have some ‘quality’ time to spend with each other. Similarly, if they were to order food from outside more often, then this could save a significant amount of time on cooking – quality time they could spend on their children, perhaps.

How about if people decided to ‘get rid’ of their cars and use cab services more often, as well as other forms of public transport. As a result there’d be quite a few advantages such the stress of driving elevated, the cost of keeping a car eliminated, less congestion on roads and less pollution just to mention a few. There might well be some disadvantages though, like a slump in car manufacturing and the inevitable lay-offs of car workers, but I believe these will be insignificant as compared to the advantages.

More Jobs Created

If we used these types of services more often eg. take-aways, cabs, cleaners etc, then there would be advantages all-round. An obvious one is that we would relieve the stress and save the time of doing it ourselves, ie there’d be less tension and bother, plus more free time for us all. Another is that more jobs would be created in the service sector – more cab drivers, more workers in the take-away food industry etc etc.

I think if more people were to adopt this philosophy of everyday living then society would generally become more stress-free and relaxed, and we would be closer to a utopian life!

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