A Discussion on SUV Cars in India

India is probably home to one of the biggest car-using populations in the world. This makes this country a favorite breeding ground for the world’s top automakers. The majority of the most respected automakers of the world even have their own vehicle manufacturing and assembling units in India. In this article, we will be particularly discussing about the most popular SUV cars in the country.

Before introducing you to some of the most widely used SUVs in India, let us explain to you what makes these cars so popular in this part of the world.

It’s true that SUVs usually gulp much more diesel or petrol than most other vehicle varieties; still, they are the favorites of Indians because of their amazing accommodating capacity. Indians usually have big families and thus having cars that can accommodate all family members is extremely important for them.

In addition, besides having great seating capacity, the SUVs launched by top car makers in recent years boast remarkable styling and power, which has increased their popularity even further.

The first vehicle of this type we will be discussing about is manufactured and marketed by the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi. It’s called Mitsubishi Pajero Sport. The car has everything an individual looking for a sports utility vehicle will want his or her car to have. It was initially launched with manual transmission, but a year back the automaker has even launched a new model with automatic transmission for the Indian users. The new version of the vehicle has been named Pajero Sport Automatic. The fuel efficiency of the car is truly incredible; both the automatic and manual versions provide users with an amazing fuel efficiency of 12.1 km/l.

The next most popular SUV model in India is Ford Ecosport. This car is loved by any particularly due o its attractive interiors and compact size. This sports utility vehicle offers enough leg room and ample shoulder and head space, which makes driving it an extremely comfortable experience. This Ford creation is available both as diesel and petrol models; so far, the company has launched four diesel and 6 petrol models for Indian users.

Next, we will be discussing about a vehicle of complete Indian make. It’s called Mahindra Scorpio, a vehicle with a perfectly elegant finish. The mileage offered by this car although not as high as that of the Pajero Sport series of SUVs, is pretty impressive. Mahindra Scorpio offers a mileage of 10.5 km/l. You can expect the mileage to be higher when driving on highways.

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