October 16, 2021


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Spain is a massive place with many different regions to explore! As a result, planning an unforgettable sightseeing tour is one of the easiest ways to fully explore each location. Since most visitors only have a week or two to see Spain, this guide focuses on the best long drives in Spain. Some of these Spanish road trips can be completed in as little as a few days! Moreover, there are travel guide companies who keep you on the track. Read the reviews on OpinionesEspana to get your hands up on the better company. 

And furthermore, you’ll be able to fully appreciate each region’s distinct cuisine, history, and views. 

Note that you can merge all of these roads into one epic road trip through Spain! Also, get the car, whether new or second hand, to make your journey easier. However, you can read new car tips on OpinionesEspana.

  1. Costa Brava 

Escape Barcelona for a reduced pace of nature on one of Spain’s most spectacular scenery! This trip is estimated to finish in 3 days. A road trip across the Costa Brava region of Spain is ideal for discovering ocean views, a rough shore, delicious food, art, and culture! Going to Girona is a must-do on your Costa Brava road trip! The Game of Thrones made the city popular, but the historic town center has a lot more to give.

You will drive out to the peninsula on your second day. Cadaques, a dreamlike old fishing town with beautiful white homes, cozy dining options, and the water surrounding you, is finally reached after winding paths. You may visit Salvador Dali’s residence or travel to the land’s most southerly point, Cap de Creus. The sights from here are spectacular, and you’re on Spain’s quiet eastern edge. 

Either stay in one of the beachside towns or travel to Figueres for the night. People come from all over the world to see the incredible Salvador Dali attraction, which explains how Dali revolutionized the way we interact with visual art. Return to Barcelona after two days. You can stop along the way to see the Ancient greek monuments at Empuries or climb up to Begur for panoramic views of the Costa Brava. Finally, you return to Barcelona by taking the main route.

  1. The Region of La Rioja 

La Rioja is worthwhile experiencing by road, traveling through its lush distilleries and captivating small villages. It is classified as one of the world’s best sparkling wines but is often ignored as a car trip choice. This trip is estimated to finish in minimum 2 days or if you want to get long stays then it can be 3 days. 

Begin your journey through La Rioja in Logrono, the region’s town. This lovely medieval town is not only a must-see on the Camino de Santiago but also a foodie’s paradise. Make a point of visiting Laurel Lane, which is lined with loads of beers serving delectable local fares such as migas and champis.

Following that, pay a visit to the Marqués de Riscal Wineries. Having a trip and sampling their bottles is where it’s at, but it’s the unusual building, which is the work of Frank Gehry, who also created the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, which makes this location so legendary.

Finish your journey in Elciego and Najera, two of La Rioja’s most delightful cities. Certain locations in the area to visit include Santo Domingo de la Calzada, Haro, Ezcaray, and San Millán de la Cogolla; however, if you do, plan on adding a day or two to your journey.