Pros and Cons of Replica Alloy Wheels

Pros and Cons of Replica Alloy Wheels

In today’s evolving vehicle market most manufacturers will fit an alloy wheel configuration as standard, on new car purchases, depending on the vehicle and associated spec it will likely not be the most fashionable or the highest performing wheel available but it will an alloy type construction.

Some of the advantages this type of rim has over the more conventional construction which was generally pressed steel includes the final product being lighter somewhat stronger, more economic in respect of fuel consumption and is more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The only significant disadvantage an aluminium wheel presents when being purchased as a separate entity is cost they do tend to be more expensive than conventional wheels but the desired aesthetic appearance can be worth the cost.

If it’s your aim to enhance the profile of you existing vehicle replacement wheels could be the way forward however if budget is an issue we do have a few options available to us.

You could consider one of the following

  • New Alloy Wheels
  • Used Alloy Wheels
  • Cheap Alloy Wheels·
  • Replica Alloy Wheels

New and used are very self explanatory, cheap wheels are an option but you must be aware that generally they will have been manufactured with lesser quality materials and will likely not stand the test of time.

Dependent on the place of origin and regulatory constraints there could be some underlying safety issues if substandard materials have been used in the manufacturing process.

This has become a bit of an issue recently with the increase of on-line shopping with most suppliers providing worldwide shipping, as with any purchase you will always get what you pay for in respect of quality, where safety is involved this may be one corner that shouldn’t be cut.

Replica alloy wheels would be the best option for a complete new set of rims at significantly discounted prices; replicas generally have the permissions of the branded manufacturer for reproduction, which means they would need to be produced to specific parameters obviously one of which would be safety.

In essence you could have to the eye what appears to be a very high spec set of rims which go a long way to enhancing the overall profile and performance of your car, but in reality it’s a quality built replica that you bought for a fraction of the price.

With any wheel purchase its best practise to always adhere to fitting guides, and have a reputable store carry out the fit.

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