Namibia Car Hire: Windhoek’s Top 3 Car Rental Companies

Namibia car hire can be difficult when choosing between a variety of companies, many of which you may have never heard of. Windhoek’s top car rental companies, whether with offices at Hosea Kutako International Airport or in the city itself, are often members of an elite association that ensure they live up to your standards. The association ensures reputable companies stay in business and at the same time, offers extraordinary service, agents frequently use to book their client’s self-drive safaris.

What is the Namibian association that tells potential clients if the company is reputable or not?

CARAN, or the Car Rental Association of Namibia, is a non-profit consisting of sixteen active Namibia car hire members. CARAN aims to protect you, the client, and the car rental industry against sub-standard service and quality of vehicles they offer. In order to qualify as a member, car rental companies must adhere to rigorous minimum standards before they are accepted as CARAN members.

The following are CARAN member standards:

-The car company’s vehicle fleet must consist of a minimum of five vehicles
-The car company must be fully and legally registered, complying with all the Department of Trade and Industry of Namibia
-The Namibia car hire company must provide sufficient insurance (the Namibia Tourist Board regulations state that they need to have a minimum passenger liability insurance of N$5 million per incident)
-The car company must have a sufficient system in place to provide 24 hour backup support in the case of vehicles breaking down or in the unfortunate case of an accident
-The car company fleet is no older than 2.5 years and cannot have more than 100,000 KM for sedan and 150,000 KM for 4×4 vehicles.
-The company’s fleet vehicles must be regularly serviced and well maintained, in compliance with Namibia requirements

What are Windhoek’s top 3 Namibia car hire companies?

1) Okavango Car Hire (CARAN member)
2) Caprivi Car Hire (CARAN member)
3) Advanced Car Hire (CARAN member)

Why are CARAN standards important? Due to Namibia’s sheer size, and often remote travel, along with the number of self-drive safaris, CARAN was established to change an unfortunate holiday experience into one that was easy and hassle free even in the event of adverse situations. CARAN Namibia car hire members hold strong to their superb reputation to immediately addressing any problem that may arise during your self-drive safari. And if you hire a vehicle from a non-CARAN member? Well, let’s just say your experience might not be all that great. Receive itineraries with distance tables and travel time along with full investment quotes.

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