CYTK app puts service, repair info right in techs’ hands


“The more recent men embrace the CYTK app,” he explained.

“We do about 1,600 cars a month, and employing the application has reduced our regular time put in servicing a car by two and a half minutes, or roughly 20 per cent.”

Levenson stated his corporation will create income by means of recurring regular monthly subscriptions. The expense of the application is approximately $60 a month for impartial shop techs and from $100 to $179 month-to-month for each dealership.

CYTK has less than 10 engineers and programmers performing out of Silicon Valley, Detroit and South America and needs to ramp up to 15 personnel.

Levenson believes his app will support not only the recruitment and instruction of techs but also the growth of cell products and services the place cars and trucks are labored on at customers’ properties. He said CYTK would also get a shot in the arm with the development of electrical vehicle profits and the amount of money of information saved in EVs.

Larry Hourcle, an NADA Academy teacher, says that CYTK is an intriguing solution and inexpensive to use.

“It offers techs a phenomenal asset to help them come across strategies to diagnose and repair,” Hourcle mentioned. “The hyperlinks to YouTube films plus the data on the app give techs composed and video guidelines on their telephones.”

He said entry-stage techs will need information swiftly. Plus, CYTK would be primarily helpful for mother and pop operations that may have only a handful of techs and will not have the know-how base attained from years of knowledge.

“A lot of companies have swift oil improve solutions, and getting the app will help techs shave minutes off of service time, in particular if they uncover they will need to swap a headlight bulb throughout the oil modify,” Hourcle stated.

“The new technology of techs want mentors, and this application can serve as a restore in addition estimating resource when making an estimate. It will also help to elevate maintenance high-quality.”


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