Choose Between Range Rover Velar PHEV And D300 Engine Models

This PHEV Model Makes to The Speed Mark in Just 5.1 Seconds When Fuel Combustion Unit and Electric Motor Works Together
Range Rover Velar is very impressive in appearance and buyers could hardly resist the temptation, engineers and designers have offered in shape of new Range Rover Velar model. Interior of the SUV is also excellent. Passengers find it great to travel on different terrains as Range Rover has mastered motorway cruising as well. Space for cargo is generous so practicality has been focused while offering cabin ambience and alluring body design. Among different engine options Range Rover Velar Plug-in hybrid engine model is the quickest to accelerate from 0mph to 60mph. This PHEV model makes to the speed mark in just 5.1 seconds when fuel combustion unit and electric motor works together. All electric range of the vehicle is 33 miles and reach to motorway speed little lazily. With full charging, claimed all electric range is not realistic as the big vehicle covers around 25 miles in real life. Shifting from electric to fuel combustion engine is noticed as it takes one or two moments. Diesel engine D300 is also present for smoother acceleration and no worry of shifting from one power source to other. It requires 1 second extra than the fastest Range Rover Velar engine, 6.1 seconds. Range Rover Velar D300 is quite seamless in picking speed and accelerates quickly when require.

On other hand the buyers could choose from the two petrol power units

Range Rover Velar 3.0-liter diesel engine has six cylinders so pulling remains effortless. Buyers can have small D200, four-cylinder engine for the SUV for low running cost. This power unit also has the required grunt and does not let driver down while cruising. Sprint time increases to 7 seconds for Range Rover Velar D 200 model. On other hand the buyers could choose from the two petrol power units. Four-cylinder P250 and six-cylinder P400 are offered for pure petrol power experience with futuristic Range Rover Velar new model. Towing capacity of the small diesel and petrol engine models are 2.4 ton whereas big engine models can pull 2.5 ton. If you just need to own the SUV and have no budget for the top models then base level petrol P250 and diesel D200 can be your choices. Towing capacity of Range Rover Velar P400e model with heavy batteries is 2.0 ton. Thus, the off-road excellence of Range Rover SUVs has been carried in the latest model of this plush and modern SUV.

Entry level model of the SUV offers manual eight-way seat adjustment

New Range Rover Velar has navigation, wireless Apple Car-play and Android Auto compatibility and high-quality sound system. Dual touch screens are present inside the cabin. Infotainment system 10 inches touch screen is intuitive and menus quite easy to find the desired feature. The other screen is for vehicle functions’ control with single touch. These features of the new Velar make it an excellent choice and optional feature of head-up display enhances the appeal further. Driver seat adjustment is possible with steering wheel reach alteration. Entry level model of the SUV offers manual eight-way seat adjustment and heated seats for cold weather. Higher trims offer more adjustment and seat occupier does it electronically. Lumbar support adjustment is also possible in these higher trims. Comfort level of seats of these models is significantly higher than the entry level Range Rover Velar. Top trim level R Dynamic HSE comes with heating, cooling and massaging function for the front seat passengers.

Reversing camera is also present

Digital Instrument Cluster for the higher trims adds to driver ease and awareness. Audi virtual cockpit functions even better than this. High driver seat offers good surrounding view to drive and park the SUV. If thick front pillars and small rear screen makes it difficult for the driver then front and rear parking sensors help you. Reversing camera is also present, so immaculate parking has been ensured. Furthermore, park assist system has been offered for all models of Range Rover Velar. This optional aide assists the driver to find space and steer. Adaptive Matrix LED lights are standard in higher trims. These headlamps keep the beam straight without disturbing the driver coming from opposite side. Two USB slots for second row passengers and optional pair of 8 inches screen add to entertainment of the occupants. Interior quality is fantastic with high standard fit and finish.

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