19 Best Campervan Wall Ideas & Decoration Tips In 2022


Are you planning to renovate your campervan wall?

Usually, wall ideas sync with work from van, next journey or regular RVers. Whatever your case, I’ve listed the latest & most innovative campervan wall ideas.

Just buying or renting a campervan is not enough. You need to customize it for comfortable & practical camping, which comes from unique RV decorating ideas.

Imagine looking around you and feeling a cosy, comfortable home on moving wheels, instead of just a big van you are trying to drive till your destination. The first idea is tempting, isn’t it?

In this blog, I’ve researched, checked various RV forums, and mentioned 10 campervan wall covering or decoration ideas.

Note: All ideas mentioned are budget-friendly and can be purchased from any online or local store.

Whichever type of van you are trying to design and whatever is your destination, I recommend checking and trying the worthwhile.

What Kind Of RV Decorations Can Be Done?

When it comes to decoration, I recommend decorating inner walls in multiple ways. It’s all about your imagination and personal taste.

There are numbers of themes to which we can add life to RV. Here, DIYs are on top of the list regarding personal recommendations. Adding light is a great way to make the van delightful & Plants are on trend, keeping nature just right by on your side.

Above mentioned ideas can be put separately in our campervans. However, ideas like wooden work, closets/cabinets, and fabrics make the van look good. You can work on both themes, blending them and bringing your dream van to life.

What To Keep In Mind While Decorating A Van?

  • Plan: Before starting to work on your van, you must plan how you want to design it. There are many things to think about before executing the final plan. For example: budget, materials, etc.
  • Permanent or Temporary Decoration: Next step is to think about if you want permanent or temporary decoration. Depending on your adventure style or lifestyle, you need to think and design accordingly. No one wants to uninstall the items regularly.
  • DIY: Think about items which you use to work on interiors. This can save you a lot of money and time.

Design your van with EASE!

  • Travel Settings: Travelling with more people requires different sleep and seating settings. It would be best if you thought before leaving for camping.

List Of 19 Best Campervan Wall Decoration Ideas

1. Adding Lights

Being LED or another light type – light is one of the basic decoration items in a campervan. I’ve seen RVers highlighting their pics on Instagram showing amazing lights with sunset.

Campervan Lights
Campervan lights fitted on a roof with wooden work and a bed

As shown in the picture, light setups with comfy beds add to the mood. I suggest planning your lighting as an integral part of the conversion.

2. Plant Vines

Adding green is just another way to beautify your van.

Apart from decoration, plants give a soothing feeling, calm our mind, and help in relaxing our body along with keeping us fresh during an adventure. Long vines plants look good on the kitchen counter, bedroom, etc.

Campervan Plants
Campervan plants fitted on the wall near to the window

In addition, little green pots can be kept on the pillow stand of your bed, near your window, or they can be hung on the walls.

You can also put flowery vines, which will add more beauty to the walls of your van.

3. Add Tiles

You can choose and set different wall tiles to decorate your van.

Adding tiles will save your walls from being stained and enhance overall looks. However, it is not suggested to cover all interiors with tiles. An ideal place is to check the kitchen area, which is at high risk of getting stained. I recommend checking more van kitchen ideas to decorate your happy place.

Campervan Kitchen Tiles
Kitchen tiles inside a campervan with a cat (Image Source: Mercurymosaics)

There are so many classy, pretty, and modern theme tiles in the market. I suggest either picking minimal or pastel colours.

4. Colourful Fabrics

Not just the walls, but you can also decorate items close to your wall.

You can put colourful blankets and sheets on your bed along with pillow covers. Here, the fabric colour of the carpet can also match with blankets, etc.

Campervan colour fabrics
Campervan colour fabrics & sheets

Putting it together will give the room a bouncy look and sharpen the interior’s contrast.

5. Wall Hangings

Hangings are one of the best & easiest ways to decorate RV walls.

A wall hanging comes with different shapes, styles, designs & themes. It can be flamboyant, B&W, ready-made, or you can make it yourself.

Here, DIY comes into action as it allows using different clothes or waste materials. You can find more information on designing a wall hanging.

6. Create Collages

Want your campervan to feel like a second home? I’ve got this amazing idea – you can include many images of any person, animal, or thing you like to keep at an eye distance.

Collages in Campervan
Collages in campervan

First of all, select what kind of pictures you want to use, like a specific genre, or mix your liking. Once final, you need to select a frame or a wall panel to stick all pictures together.

Tip: You can use LED lighting to decorate frames

7. Add Curtains

Need private life, but still want to maintain it on your journeys? The idea is to get curtains in your campervan.

Except for privacy, curtains help you divide different areas inside a van and make it look beautiful. The best part is that you can adjust or remove it anytime.

8. Try DIY Designs

Mixing different art and decorative items such as lights, paint & wallpapers can be good DIY. In addition, if you are more on the creative side, try your ways of decorating or revamping your campervan.

Campervan DIY
Campervan DIY design

Talking about DIYs, some of my favourites are long vines with fairy lights on the side, Chalkboards and a poster area, and some roof lights with lanterns on the same wall.

9. Wall lanterns Or Lamps

Moving on to the next idea, which is about putting lanterns on the wall. You can choose various designs, brands, and colours available on Amazon to enhance your experience.

Companies offer features such as sensor bases, solar charging, etc. Two small lanterns on a wall on both sides of your picture collage or your bedroom, wouldn’t it look great?

Campervan lanterns
Campervan lanterns

10. Convert Wall Into Writing Board

Adding a writing board is a personal choice and doesn’t work for everyone.

A writing board (engineering wood panel, black or white) allows you to write down thoughts, make drawings and plan your next camping location. In addition, your kids can try sketching while you are managing other work.

11. Add Closets

One needs a closet during camping for long destinations.

A campervan comes short on space, and even if you are trying to save space, you can’t compromise on cabinets. So, now you need to create a closet.

Pick a corner or any desired space on the wall panels. Not just storage, the exterior will enhance your campervan looks. It’s a win-win situation for you.

Campervan closet
Campervan closet

12. Wood Work Decoration

There is a lot more to cover with wood than just closets and cabinets.

Campervan Wood  Decor
Campervan wood decor

Most RVers focus on lavish interiors with some luxury features. Guess what? Wood can help to modernize van interiors. You can add wood panels on both sides and get a shelf made to keep items, hang different items & make foldable beds. You can explore more van bed decoration ideas with tips and pictures.

13. Add Classic Prints

Another wall conversion idea is to include wall arts related to different themes. You can also paint yourself during camping and frame any of your paintings.

In addition, I suggest hanging different print designs to give your van a premium touch.

Tip: Use cork, black or whiteboards to hand/pin paintings

14. Cast a Wide Net

Another DIY idea for your camper is handing a wide net inside using a hinge.

You must have seen similar ideas in movies or books. This idea is for regular travellers who are great fans of fiction.

So, the idea is to put a wide net over bed and tie ends from the wall.

Tip: Keep the opening front, lay down and enjoy nature.

15. Stick Mirrors

Adding mirrors to RV is one of a kind idea to try on interiors. This campervan decoration can be done if different ways.

  • Different image sizes and covers big portions
  • Use small sizes (1×1, 2×2, 3×3, etc.) and glue them together to make a design format
  • Check different sizes – rectangle, oval, square, circle, etc.
Mirrors inside campervan
Mirrors inside campervan

Please note:

  1. Make sure you take care of sharp edges if you are camping with kids
  2. Pick the best glue of hand method to place RV mirrors

16. Bookshelf

The next idea is designed for bookworms only. Adding a bookshelf can cover one or both walls of your camper. As per RVers, this is one of the most discussed ideas for regular travellers.

There are different bookshelf materials (Oak, Teak, Engineering wood, etc.) and brands available on Amazon or other retailers. If you’ve picked any conversion company, ask them to add a fixed bookshelf.

Bookshelf inside campervan
Bookshelf inside campervan

Imagine yourself camping near a lake and reading books lying near to riverbank, under the sky, etc.

You can also consider handing storage bags as books or item organizers on the wall.

17. Add Wallpapers

RV walls are safe to apply any variety of wallpaper, but one must test the quality, dimensions, and theme before finalizing anything.

I recommend sticky wallpapers as they come in a good finish and offer excellent quality. The texture and colour remain durable.

In terms of design, light-toned wallpapers are good to go, but make sure that it goes with your furniture and does not look like odd ones out.

Of course, must check and clean the surface before applying.

18. Camping Wind Chimes

To hear the wind in your sleeping space and realize that you are off to something good is very refreshing. Add one or two latest Wind Chimes and hand them inside the window, door or space where it can ring.

Many people consider the wind chimes a ‘good-luck charm’, and it also adds up as decorative items inside the van.

Camping Wind Chimes
Wind chimes with a car

19. Photo Hangings

If you own a campervan and want to collect memories of your adventures, I strongly suggest this idea.

Get your photos in Polaroid form and stick them together on your wall. This format allows you to put multiple pictures in tight spaces. In addition, you can add some sticky notes to add a personal touch. If you don’t want to stick the pictures on the wall, you can stick the pictures using clips and threads.

Design your van with EASE!


So, above mentioned are some of my décor ideas and methods. You can brighten up any campervan by choosing a plan and picking the right methods.

Of course, you cannot put all the ideas at once. Plan different themes, ideas, or inspirations for different adventures. Keep your budget in mind while converting walls; I recommend trying DIY among all campervan wall ideas.


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